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For The Fans: Why Players Resting Is Beneficial In The Long Run.

Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue was getting some negative reactions when he announced last night the big three — Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and Kevin Love,  would all rest tonight when the Cavaliers traveled to play the Memphis Grizzlies.

So lets put this in perspective for people who may not agree or understand the decision that Lue made.

LeBron James: 14-year NBA career, has logged in more minutes than anybody in the NBA and has appeared in six straight NBA Finals.

Kyrie Irving: Coming off a broken knee-cap injury last June. Came back in December of last year. Played from December-June for the Cavaliers.  After The Finals, Irving went and played for Team USA Basketball. Had a couple weeks of rest, then it was time for training camp.

This is the most basketball he has played since entering the NBA. He has missed a large number of games since being draft by the Cavaliers in 2011. Irving has an injury history and resting him now may prove to be beneficial when the playoffs roll around.

Kevin Love: Also coming off significant injury — a dislocated shoulder. He came back before Irving, but Love has had some issues with his back throughout the season. Both Irving and Love have dealt with injuries in the past and resting them now is a good way to prevent them from getting hurt during a long, grueling season.

Marc Gasol, the center for Memphis, missed last night’s  vs. the Cavaliers due to rest. I’m sure there are Memphis fans who wanted to watch Gasol play, but couldn’t. I saw a Grizzlies fan wearing a Gasol jersey and wondering how mad he is that Gasol is resting.

It goes both ways.

Fans need to understand that while seeing their favorite player not play is unfortunate in the short term but better for the team in the long run. It helps extends the career’s of these players who are looking to play for a long time. People don’t understand what else they do besides playing the game. You don’t see what they do behind the scenes.

You are risking by paying a ticket to see superstars and that some might rest, especially on a back-to-back game. It doesn’t matter if they come to your arena once a season, twice, or three times.

What some fans need to realize is this:

Resting helps extend the careers of superstar athletes.

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