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Who is this team and what did they do with the Cavaliers?

LeBron James rose up for a jump shot at the end of the first quarter like he has thousands of times before.

But this basket was different.  James’ first quarter shot put him over the 30,000 mark for his career.

However that exciting milestone was short-lived.  The Cavaliers took an early lead, but fell apart in the second half (again) and lost for the 11th time in their last 15 games.

It is hard to believe a team led by LeBron would be this bad, but this Cavaliers team is awful.  They have no energy, no motivation and are quick to point the finger when given the chance.

What is even harder to believe is that this team went 18-1 just earlier this season.

Maybe it is the addition of Isaiah Thomas into the rotation. Maybe it is due to the season-long slump J.R. Smith finds himself in.  The truth is that everyone on the team is at fault.  From LeBron, to Ty Lue to Dan Gilbert, they all have a hand in where this Cavaliers team currently stands.

The time for talking is done, a move (or moves) need to be made.  Koby Altman is getting his first taste at what a general manager’s life is like when things go south.

So far this season the front office has said they are not trading the Brooklyn Nets first round pick.  That ship has sailed.  The team should not just hand the pick away, but plenty of teams will take that pick. Altman is tasked with choosing the right deal to make.

No pressure right?

In addition to all the previous issues surrounding the Cavaliers, more fuel has been added to the already burning fire.

The team apparently had an “air-it-out” meeting that was supposed to resolve all their issues.  Instead it looks like the meeting did the opposite.

Kevin Love, the apparent target of the meeting, got the cold shoulder from his teammates last night in San Antonio.

This to me looks like a team that needs to be blown up.  One tweak or two via the trade market will not solve these issues.

We will find out in 15 days where the Cavaliers stand.  If they make a trade or two, they at least want to try and salvage the season.

But barring a trade for Demarcus Cousins or Paul George (Cleveland is not getting either player) the team will at best be just good enough to get through the East.  The way Golden State is playing, they will demolish the Cleveland in four or five games.

*Rumor* Cavaliers have been in talks with the Sacramento Kings to acquire point guard George Hill

George Hill would be an upgrade at backup point guard, he certainly does not get the Cavaliers over the hump.

At this point, even though it is early in his return, Isaiah Thomas needs to be traded.  He is not what the Cavaliers acquired.  While he still may be getting his timing back, it is clear he is true step down from Kyrie Irving.

Cleveland hit rock bottom this past Saturday when they allowed 148 points (yes you read that right) to the Oklahoma City Thunder at home on national television.

I am out of ideas for what it will take to fix this Cavaliers team. This is a spiral they will not get out of if the team continues down their current path.

In years past the January slumps have been bad for Cleveland, but never this bad.  This team was not even good enough to beat a Spurs team who did not even have Kawhi Leonard or Pau Gasol on the floor.

Thomas is having a difficult time getting easy baskets, something many thought would happen.  Instead he is forcing up shots and not playing within the flow of the offense.  Thomas is not the only one though, no one on the Cavaliers seems to be playing within the flow of the offense.

This falls on Lue, who should be doing something to try and fix the problems.  Instead he is hesitant to change the lineup, but needs to because the current starting lineup is bad, real bad.

Egos need to be thrown out the window, and this entire team needs to realize the truth of the matter at hand.  They are not who they think they are and no other NBA team fears, or even respects Cleveland at this point.

It remains to be seen what will be done, but something NEEDS to be done.  LeBron should not stand for this, no one who has a pulse in the Cavaliers locker room should not stand for this.

Cleveland is a mediocre basketball team, and their chances to win anything of significance are in serious jeopardy. They just need to focus on winning a game at this point.

It feels like just yesterday we were all watching the Cavaliers come back from a 3-1 deficit to the Warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals.  Now those are just distant memories, and all fans have left to do is wonder, is it all over in Cleveland?

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