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POSTON: If the Cavs want to compete, changes are a must

It is not uncommon for an NBA to struggle through parts of the regular season.

The Cavs have done it multiple times and it honestly has been no big deal at the end of the season because they end up heading to the NBA Finals. This year there may be an exception to the rule.

There is no doubt the Cavs have struggled this season. Currently the Cavs sit at 30 and 21 on the season, which remarkably they should have a worse record. I like many people haven’t been too concerned about the Cavs, while some people are starting to hit the panic button. New players, trying to find a rotation that works, no big deal right?


It’s time to hit the panic button. I will admit I have been on cruise control not too worried about the Cavs, but things aren’t improving. The same problems are surfacing over and over again.

Typically when there is a problem, it gets fixed. That doesn’t seem to be the case with the Cavs. The problems aren’t hard to find either and a lot of it all falls on the defense. Starting Nov. 11 the Cavs went on a 13 game winning streak, which took them into early December.

Even December wasn’t a horrible month winning nine games and only losing five, one of which was against Golden State. January was a revealing month for the Cavs, they lost eight games and won six.

You might say to yourself, those numbers aren’t horrible. You are right, they are not.

What is horrible is the fact the Cavs gave up 114 points or more in six of the nine games they lost in January. Defense was lacking, more like defense was on vacation.

The number of points given up is crazy.

133 to Toronto, 148 to Oklahoma City and I25 to Detroit.

Tyronn Lue, we have a problem, do you see it? Lue has struggled with the rotation and it is somewhat understandable to a degree because there is so much talent on the Cavs that putting the right pieces together seems like a 5,000 piece puzzle.

The trade deadline is fast approaching and the Cavs are running out of time to get a deal together. Making a deal isn’t even a question at this point, it has got to happen. The Cavs need someone who can get rebounds and play defense. I don’t know who that guy may be, but that is who they need to go after.

Maybe it is Kemba Walker.

Bottom line is the Cavs are not getting it done on defense and guys like Isaiah Thomas and Tristan Thompson need to either hit the trading block or the bench.

Thomas and Thompson have truly been a disappointment to this team. The Cavs may end up regretting acquiring Thomas at the end of the day, but that is another story.

Lue doesn’t escape this either though. He needs to either get with the program or pack his bags. Honestly at this point Lue might want to start packing because he sure doesn’t seem to be doing anything to better his players for games.

If the Cavs decide to sit on their hands and do nothing before the trade deadline, then I hope they are ready to sit on their hands and watch the postseason.

No moves, no deep playoff run.

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